Saturday, 30 September 2017

September 2017 Favourites

September is over, autumn is here, and I'm going to join the rest of the blogging community in rejoicing at the arrival of what is clearly the best season of the year. (In accidental rhyme too!) In fact, I'm going to go ahead and name the arrival of autumn as my first September favourite. Now, on to the makeup...

This has been my base of choice for months now, so it has more than earned its place in my first ever favourites post. It has quite a thick, moussey texture, but don't let that put you off; it's a thousand times more blendable than that description would have you believe, and it gives a beautifully skin-like soft matte finish. Despite being touted as a mere tinted moisturiser, it evens out my patchy complexion with ease and has impressive staying power, even on my excessively oily face.

If, like me, you are pale to the point of near-translucency, this bronzer is everything your presumably sun-deprived face has been looking for. It's the palest bronzer I've ever come across, so I can swirl my big ol' bronzer brush in there with as much zeal as I like, safe in the knowledge that it still won't make me look orange/muddy/any-other-undesirable-bronzer-effect. With its soft (but not powdery) texture and its natural honey tone, it's the perfect touch of colour for milky complexions, and it's pretty darn foolproof.

NARS has labelled this a blush but it's actually more of a highlighting shade. It's a muted sandy gold with a hint of rosiness, and it gives the most beautiful soft, angelic sheen to the cheeks. I have no qualms about calling this my number one favourite cheek product of all time. Or about using the word 'qualms'.

It's been a very lazy brow month for me. The mornings are slowly getting darker and I'm snoozing my alarm clock an increasingly silly number of times, effectively giving up any chance of polished brows for the sake of precious extra minutes in bed. Thankfully, Gimme Brow does a lot of the hard work for me (she said, in peppy advert-voice.) A few swipes of this fills in the gaps, adds a bit of texture, and quickly makes my brows look a fair bit fuller and more shapely.

The only thing Gimme Brow doesn't quite do for me is hold my unruly brow hairs in place - a challenge that NYX's clear gel has stepped up to nicely. This is a fantastic brow gel. It's the only one I've tried that comes close to matching the holding power of my beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel (which I sadly ran out of last month and had to put off repurchasing after taking a look at my decidedly drugstore-only bank balance.)

ColourPop Lippie Stix in 'Chateau' ($5)
Vampy lipsticks are always my favourite kind, and the one I've been reaching for most this month is ColourPop's 'Chateau'. This shade comes in their 'Matte X' formula, which is one of my very favourite lipstick formulas. It's creamy upon application, but quickly sets to a true flat-matte finish, essentially giving you the look of a liquid lipstick without feeling as drying. 'Chateau' is the kind of sexy, blackened wine shade that looks good on literally everyone... And the fact that I can't find it on the ColourPop website right now is deeply upsetting. Please tell me it's only temporarily out of stock, ColourPop?!

What have you been loving this month?


Friday, 29 September 2017

Let the Blogging Begin


Hello and welcome to Pumpkin Lemonade: a blog that is about neither pumpkins nor lemonade. I've always enjoyed a completely nonsensical name.

My plan for a while has been to start a beauty blog, and that's essentially what this is going to be. But I also want to write about books, and there's a good chance I'll decide I want to write about other things too. An unclear title is only fitting for such an unclear project.

Here are a few things you may or may not want to know about me:
  • I'm a 25-year-old female.
  • I'm from Manchester (the greatest city of all the cities.)
  • I buy far too many things I don't need, and this blog is where I'll talk about them.

It's a bit of an odd experience writing a first blog post. You have no readers yet so you're basically calling out into a void. With that in mind, I'll leave it here...

To anyone who has somehow stumbled across this ramble: hi! Please do pop back over for my next post, which will actually be about something.
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