Tuesday, 31 October 2017

October 2017 Favourites

October has been a very busy month for me, which means my blog has gotten off to a pretty slow start. I have so many blog post ideas and so little time to write them! I have a bunch of new beauty products to try but am yet to give any of them a good test drive! November will hopefully give me a chance to do something with all this potential I have lying around, but in the meantime I'll tell you about the tried and true faves that have been getting my face through the last few hectic weeks.

Lush Tea Tree Water (£9.50)
Earlier this month, I ran out of the smaller bottle of this I had, and during the single week I went without it, my skin kicked up a real fuss... When I finally got around to popping into Lush, I happily handed over the extra few pounds for the big bottle in my eagerness to avoid a similar incident any time in the near future. This refreshing antibacterial facial spray is by far one of the most effective spot-fighting products I've ever used; it very noticeably reduces the number of breakouts I suffer from, and helps any spots that do pop up clear away significantly faster.

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer (£6)
This concealer is another recent repurchase. I first tried it out a few months ago, quickly made my way through an entire tube, and I have no idea why I didn't immediately buy another because it's a fantastic product. Its texture is so light, thin, and truly skin-like, it practically blends itself. I feel the need to stress this a little more - hardly any blending time is required. (Perfect for my work-morning rush!) It effortlessly melts into the skin and looks so incredibly natural, but has all the coverage you need to brighten up your under-eyes. And at only £6, there's no reason not to give it a whirl.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in 'Translucent' (£29)
This is a favourite of the past several months that I forgot to mention in my September round-up. Powder is one of those products it's a little hard to get too excited about, but when you're as oily as I am, it's the most essential item in your makeup bag. During summer, I bowed down to the blogger hype and ordered this cult favourite, and I've used it every day since! It sets my foundation in place nicely, mattifies my shiny t-zone, and really prolongs the wear of my base. That's just about everything I need from a powder. It is worth noting, however, that this is the only loose powder I've ever used, so I can't tell you what sets it apart from more affordable alternatives.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (£39.50)
As soon as autumn rolls around, everyone's all about the warm-toned eyeshadows, but the palette I've found myself drifting back to this month actually leans a little toward the cooler side. Naked 2 seems to be one of the less favoured members of the Naked family, but I love how versatile it is. There are some lovely grey and taupey shades, but there's also a bit of gold and copper thrown in. I've mostly been using this for my two favourite all-over-the-lid shades of the palette: 'Suspect' and 'YDK' (worn separately, not together.) 'Suspect' is so beautiful but so hard to describe - kind of like a muted blend of gold, beige and taupe tones, with quite soft, subtle shimmer. 'YDK' is a cool bronzey-taupe with the barest hint of a mauve undertone in there. It has a more intense, reflective type of shimmer than is visible in the swatch below. (I do have trouble capturing the complexity of certain shades with my humble iPhone camera.)

NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in 'Locked' (£6)
Dark lipsticks in general have been a favourite of the month (as always), but I think the one I've been reaching for most has been this NYX pick. It's a rich, deepened raspberry shade with quite strong purple undertones, and I adore the true-matte formula. It's creamy upon application, but quickly sets to the type of fully flat-matte finish you typically only get from a liquid lipstick. The effect is bold, glamorous and gorgeous. You can see it swatched in my autumn lip post, but I have to say my arm swatch doesn't quite do it justice; the colour looks much more saturated on the lips.

What were your beauty favourites this month?
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