Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Building a Makeup Geek Palette | My Picks So Far

In my last post, I talked about a bunch of new makeup products that have made their way into my collection recently (y'know, just of their own accord), and as many of them as there were, that wasn't even all of it... I've also been accumulating some Makeup Geek eyeshadows, but I decided they deserved a post all to themselves.

I love building custom eyeshadow palettes. Back in the day I, like many others, spent an exorbitant amount of time and money creating my own perfect MAC palette, and had a whale of a time doing it. I actually felt a little sad when the whole process was over. So by the time Makeup Geek came to the UK, I was more than ready to do it all over again with pans that were half the price. Somehow it's taken me this long to get around to it, but the time has finally come. Over the last month or two I've purchased a few and received a few for my birthday, and now I suddenly already have 14(?!)

So far, I have 9 of the standard Eyeshadow Pans (£4.95 each), 4 of the Foiled Eyeshadow Pans (£7.95 each) and one of the Duochrome Eyeshadow Pans (£4.95 each). And I love every single one of them. There's not a dud to be found in this post.

The quality of these shadows is evident as soon as you touch the product. They're smooth and buttery and pigmented and every other overused buzzword you want your eyeshadows to be. They blend easily and the colour you get on the lids is very true-to-pan. And the Foiled Eyeshadows are something else. The clue is in the name; they very much have a foiled, ultra-metallic look on the eye - fab for a high-impact evening eye look. My swatch photo below really hasn't done them justice! They have quite a dense, creamy texture (Makeup Geek calls them a cream-powder hybrid), and I find you get the most intensity out of them by swiping them onto the lid with a finger.

Okay... Let's move on from the gushing and on to the shades I've picked up.

Bandwagon: Mid-tone taupe with a slight bit of warmth and a matte finish. Just a bit of this blended into the crease is an instant, easy, sophisticated everyday eye look.

Creme Brulee: Light, warm sandy-brown with a matte finish. An essential transition/crease/does-it-all shade in every Makeup Geek palette.

Sidekick: Very warm, reddish brown with a matte finish. I believe this is quite similar to the ever-so-popular 'Cocoa Bear'.

Bitten: Warm berry-red with a matte finish. I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes (a lot), but my collection was somehow sorely missing a shade like this.

Vintage: Taupey-plum with a matte finish. This is a little darker, a little less purpley and a fair bit more similar to 'Americano' than I had anticipated.

Americano: Dark brown with plummy undertones and a matte finish. This is a fab outer-V shade; it's so easy to blend (which is not often the case with eyeshadows as dark as this.)

Shimma Shimma: Shimmery creamy vanilla. It's very pigmented - don't let my pasty arm trick you into thinking otherwise.

Homecoming: Shimmery muted bronze-brown. I love how neutral this shade is; it's quite a taupey bronze, making it stand out from your typical golden bronzes.

Lucky Penny: Shimmery plummy bronze. For those of you familiar with MAC eyeshadows, this is very similar to MAC's 'Sable'.

Ritzy (Duochrome): Warm red base with olive-green shimmer/shift. For when I feel like dipping a toe out of the box.

Starry Eyed (Foiled): Metallic pale pinky champagne. This is basically a slightly pinker, slightly more frosted version of 'Shimma Shimma'.

Grandstand (Foiled): Metallic coppery rose gold. My pale skin seems to pull out a lot of the pinky/reddy tones in this, so it looks quite different on me than it does in swatches I've seen online.

Legend (Foiled): Metallic copper. A really rich, vibrant, high-shine shade, this one probably drew your eye first in the swatch photo above.

Showtime (Foiled): Kind-of-metallic plummy burgundy. I found the formula of this shade a little different from the others in the Foiled range. It's just as pigmented and creamy to the touch, but has a less reflective level of shimmer throughout. There are also some sparse, slightly chunkier specks of silver shimmer in there, but they aren't hugely visible on the eyelids.

In summary: I flipping love these eyeshadows. It's a good job they're so impressively affordable, because I feel quite the buying frenzy coming on...

Have you tried any Makeup Geek eyeshadows? What are your favourite shades?
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