Thursday, 30 November 2017

November 2017 Favourites

So November kind of passed me by... I don't know where the time went, but I do know that I spent some of it making use of some fab recent makeup purchases. I've got a few new loves and a couple of long-loved faves I want to rave about here, so without further ado...

Let's start with my number one favourite new discovery of the month. 'Bali Sands' has been on my face every single day since I purchased it. I love how light the shade is - it gives such a natural touch of warmth, and it's impossible to go overboard with it even on my exceptionally fair skin. The formula is great too - very smooth, very lightweight, with just the right opacity - so I recommend checking out the shade range no matter what your skin tone.

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Copper Face Compact (limited edition - no longer available)
I'm sorry. This cheek duo was part of the MAC Nutcracker Sweet Collection from last Christmas, and is no longer available, so it's a little unfair of me to show mine off. But I've been reaching for it so much this month, particularly for 'Whisper of Gilt' - the gorgeous golden highlighter that makes up half of this compact. It gives the cheeks such a beautiful, bright golden gleam. 'Whisper of Gilt' tends to pop up in MAC limited edition collections every now and then, and always causes a bit of a frenzy. It was actually part of this year's Christmas collection, but now (unsurprisingly) seems to be sold out everywhere. I'd definitely recommend looking out for its next reappearance, but if you're after something similar, there are actually a fair few dupes on the market. MAC themselves now have a permanent Extra Dimension Skinfinish in the shade 'Oh, Darling!' which, from what I can tell, is virtually identical.

That's right, I'm still not done raving about my Glossier purchases. Consider me well and truly aboard the Glossier hype train. I'm not usually one for cream blushes, but the Cloud Paints are so much easier to work with than any other cream/liquid formula I've used before. The almost gel-like texture is so light, it blends out effortlessly without moving around the foundation beneath it at all. And 'Dusk' is the kind of nude, barely-a-colour shade I can't get enough of.

Boy Brow is my latest go-to brow product for lazy brow days (i.e. most days), and might just be the most lazy-girl-friendly of them all. It tints, it gives a bit of shape, it adds fullness and it sets. That's just about every function you could reasonably expect a brow mascara to fulfil. It's taken a good few years, but something is finally giving my trusty Benefit Gimme Brow a run for its money!

My Makeup Geek eyeshadows have been my most fun purchases of the month. I've loved Googling the swatches, hand-picking each shade and testing out various colour combinations on the lids. (Customisable palette systems make me go Full Makeup Nerd.) And I've been so impressed with the quality! They're soft without being powdery, smooth, pigmented and blendable. I can't even tell you which shades I've been loving the most because I've been loving all of them the most. You can see all the shades I currently own swatched here.

Another month, another vampy lipstick... 'Diva' is actually the first really vampy burgundy I ever bought, and years later, it's still my go-to whenever I want to slick on a lippie that'll instantly make me feel ten times more glam. It's just such a bold, sexy shade - there's no being a wallflower with this on your lips. MAC's matte formula is relatively creamy and comfortable, but still long-wearing, and that vanilla scent brings on happy makeup memories.

This is an all-the-time, every-single-day favourite, and I've just repurchased it for the millionth time so it's long overdue its moment in the spotlight. Sponges are the only thing I use to apply/blend my foundation because brushes tend to emphasise my skin's textural issues, and I've been using the Real Techniques one for years. It gives foundation that seamlessly-blended, meshed-with-the-skin look that you just can't get with a brush. I use it for a bunch of other things too: concealer, cream bronzer/blush/highlighter, and even powder. This is one of the most essential items in my beauty collection; I really couldn't be without it (or a sponge just like it.)

What have you been loving this month?
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