Thursday, 7 December 2017

Black Friday Beauty Haul

So the Black Friday sales really unleashed the shopaholic in me... My inbox being flooded with enticing discounts, I couldn't resist taking advantage of the best ones and picking up some items that were at the top of my wishlist.

Now that everything has been delivered, I thought I might as well gather it all into one satisfying pile and blog about it. I haven't properly used any of my purchases yet, and sadly haven't had the time to swatch them for this post, so do let me know if there's anything you'd like to hear more about once I've given it a go. This is really just a look-what-I-bought post.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil (£22)
I never switch up my skincare routine so this purchase is kind of a big deal. I've been removing my makeup with micellar water for years, and have always been happy with the one I use, but... My skin has been getting increasingly flaky as temperatures drop, and I found myself wondering if rubbing at my face with cotton pads might be exacerbating it. Let's see if switching to an oil for my first cleanse helps!

Jouer Powder Highlighter Trio - Set 1 (£35)
I've been wanting to try out Jouer's powder highlighter formula for a while, but could never decide which shade to go for, so I was excited when I saw the brand had come out with two mini trios for the holidays. I went for Set 1, which includes 'Citrine' (light gold), 'Rose Quartz' (champagne pink) and 'Topaz' (peachy gold) - all shades from the permanent line. All three look beautiful and the mini golden compacts are adorable!

Make Up For Ever Pro Light Fusion Highlighter in 'Golden' (£27.50)
Clearly I didn't need to pick up yet another golden highlighter, but this one looks like a dupe for MAC's 'Whisper of Gilt', and the urge to put it to the test was too strong. Plus, it's Christmastime and I love a true gold highlighter for a festive makeup look. (It's amazing how far the justification 'it's Christmastime!' can take you when you're feeling spendy.)

NARS Blush in 'Madly' (£24)
When I saw that NARS had a 20% off code for Black Friday, it took all the will power I have not to order one of everything. NARS is my favourite makeup brand, and my beauty wishlist is always full of their products. I really didn't need one more NARS blush, but 'Madly' has my name written all over it. I love browny nude blush shades, and this one is a bit more peach-leaning, as opposed to the slightly rosy ones my collection is already full of.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in 'Kalahari' (£25)
Anyone else own the limited edition NARS And God Created The Woman palette from a few years back? It's one of the most-used palettes in my collection, and my favourite shade from it is 'Kalahari I' - the shade which makes up one half of the permanent 'Kalahari' duo. The other half of the duo looks beautiful too, so I couldn't resist getting my hands on the whole thing while I had the chance to pay a little less for it (£25 is steep for two eyeshadows.) 'Kalahari I' is a taupey bronze and 'Kalahari II' is a plummy shade.

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in 'Starwoman' (£23)
The (many) NARS lipsticks I already own are among the best in my (vast) lipstick collection, so I've been quite excited to try out their take on liquid lips since the Powermatte Lip Pigments were released earlier this year. As we're in the midst of the festive season, it seemed only right to opt for a red, so in my basket 'Starwoman' went. This one is a rich, slightly deepened, slightly cool-toned red.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles in 'Amber', 'Chiffon', 'Dusty Rose' and 'Fudge' (£12 each)
If you saw my post about my Makeup Geek shadows, you'll have seen that I have a very big Z Palette waiting to be filled, and I decided to throw some Anastasia shadows into the mix. I've heard great things about the quality, and their shade selection is, frankly, mesmerising. I've picked up four for now, but there are many more on my wishlist. 'Amber' is a warm gold, 'Chiffon' is a kind of dirty-bronze with slight olive undertones, 'Dusty Rose' is actually more of a mauve than a rose, and 'Fudge' is a deep warm brown.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in 'Stevie' and 'Brandy' (£18 each)
As soon as I saw Temptalia's swatches of this lipstick range, I was eager to give the formula a whirl, because they actually look matte! So many traditional lipsticks which claim to be matte actually have more of a satin/semi-matte finish, but these have the kind of chic and shine-less look that has truly earned the 'matte' label. And the shade range is fantastic; I felt spoilt for choice! In the end, I settled on 'Stevie' - a muted plum/red hybrid - and 'Brandy' - a dark burgundy. Very typical 'me' colours.

Violet Voss Taupe Notch Palette (£43)
This was the impulse buy of the bunch. Violet Voss is a brand I've never really paid attention to in the past, but I came across the new Taupe Notch Palette while browsing Cult Beauty, and had an instant 'NEED IT' reaction. It contains 20 shades and I actually really like EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. How often can you say that about an eyeshadow palette? Especially one with that many shades! Here's hoping the quality is as pleasing as the colour selection.

MAC Lipstick in 'Honeylove' (£16.50)
A makeup lover's MAC lipstick collection is never finished - am I right? I basically bought this because it looks like a lighter version of 'Velvet Teddy' (one of my most used MAC lipsticks.) 'Velvet Teddy' is very much a deepened nude against my skin tone, and I thought it would be nice to have something with the same warm tone that's more traditionally nude on me - for when I want a more understated lip.

Quick finishing note: I've obviously listed the products' normal prices rather than the significantly discounted prices I actually paid. So the damage to my bank account wasn't quite as bad as all this. Not quite.

Did you do any beauty shopping in the Black Friday sales? Do you own any of the items I picked up?
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