Saturday, 20 January 2018

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils | My Collection

I've mentioned in a couple of posts that the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (£21) are my all-time favourite lipsticks, but I don't think just saying it here and there quite conveys the enormity of my love for them. I think they deserve a whole post to themselves.

In an attempt to keep the oncoming rave down to a digestible size, I'm going to tell you five things I love about them. Because five makes a satisfying list length, and I just thought of five things. Here we go:
  1. They have a very chic, meshed-with-the-lips, true matte finish - almost powdery-looking. It's my perfect finish, and I haven't found any other formula that does quite the same thing.
  2. Despite said matteness, they glide on with ease, and feel comfortable and non-drying.
  3. They're very long-wearing, and when they do eventually fade they do it prettily, leaving an even-looking stain on the lips.
  4. The crayon-like shape makes neat application easy.
  5. They come in a whole bunch of beautiful shades.

If you're yet to try out this formula, stop what you're doing, buy one right now, and try not to dwell too much on the price. They're worth every penny!

I currently own the following eight shades, and love every single one of them.

Dragon Girl: A very cool-toned, very pinky red. So pinky, I think it can only just about get away with being called a red.

Cruella: The most beautiful red lipstick to ever have graced the world with its presence. It's a little cool-toned and a little on the deeper end of the red spectrum.

Consuming Red: A dark red with warmer undertones, erring into burgundy territory. I find the formula of this one a little different from the rest that I own. It's slightly less pigmented and slightly less matte on the lips.

Damned: A cool berry, with quite a versatile level of opacity. It can be worn as a light wash of pinky berry, or just as easily layered for a deeper, more purple-toned look.

Pussy Control: Questionable name but fabulous shade. A slightly greyish lavender-purple that I dig out when I'm going for a bit of an edge.

Train Bleu: A very vampy, dramatic, blackened aubergine shade. A close second-favourite of mine after 'Cruella'.

Lonely Heart: Straight-up dark brown. There isn't a whole lot of red in there, which makes it quite a statement lip shade.

Iberico: A very bright orange (and unfortunately a limited edition shade which is no longer available.)

Have you tried the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils? Let me know if I'm missing any shades you'd recommend. Because yes, I will happily buy even more of them.
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